For Every Kid

Every kid deserves a chance at a healthy future, that’s why I support safe routes to school in every school district in Oregon.

When it is safe to walk, bicycle, and take public transit to neighborhood schools, our children are healthier, our streets are safer for everyone, and our communities thrive. Safe routes to school create healthier kids who are ready to learn; kids equipped with crucial safety education; and safe neighborhood streets for all residents. In the coming months, our state representatives have an opportunity to pass a new transportation package that could make the lives of Oregon kids, elders, and everyone healthier and safer. I urge you to join me in supporting dedicated funding for safe routes to school in every school district in Oregon.

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A Dangerous Trend for Oregon’s Kids

Our kids and families are getting less exercise than any previous generation. One in three kids in the U.S. is overweight and unhealthy, conditions that lead to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension—and eventually early death. Something as simple as walking to school every day isn’t an option for many families in Oregon. Too many neighborhoods lack safe sidewalks, bikeways, and crosswalks.

Healthier Kids, Safer Communities

Kids who can safely walk and bike to their neighborhood school get regular physical activity and perform better in school. To ensure that’s an option for all families, Safe Routes to School:

  • Makes streets, crossings, and transit access safer within the mile-radius of schools .
  • Empowers families to take charge of their own health and safety with bike and pedestrian safety classes.
  • Creates neighborhoods of families, grandparents, and kids walking and biking together through fun events.
  • Prioritizes students at low-income schools that most need safe streets and physical activity.

Safe Routes to School Works

Some rural and urban schools in Oregon have received funding since 2006 to make safe routes to school. Well-supported school communities who are educating and encouraging students as well as making the streets safe have seen walking and biking to school quadruple in one year.

Every School District in Oregon

Safe routes to school could bring the following to every community throughout the state:

  • Healthy kids ready to learn.
  • Safer neighborhood streets for everyone.
  • Kids equipped with crucial bike and pedestrian safety education.
  • Opportunities for physical activity for kids who need it most.
  • Reduce congestion since up to 20% of morning traffic is parents driving kids to school.

Now is the time to give everyone in Oregon a chance at a healthy future by dedicating funding to Safe Routes to School.

For Every Kid is a growing coalition of the following organizations: Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO); Safe Routes to School National Partnership; American Heart Association; OregonWalks; OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon (OPAL); Community Cycling Center, the Community Alliance of Tenants, Eugene Safe Routes to School, Transportation for America, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA), and many more.